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Important Numbers

Main Office: 443-809-7633

Main Office Fax: 443-809-2190

Nurse: 443-809-7631

Guidance Office: 443-809-7635

Library: 443-809-7644


Principal: Samuel Wynkoop

Grade 9: Catherine Smith

Grade 10: LaTonya Wallace

Grade 11: Robert Murray

Grade 12: Christopher Parker

School Counselors
Department Chair: Mr. John Komosa

A - Con      Ms. Donna Fritz                                                  
Coo - G      Ms. Kara Roberts  
H - K          Ms. Kristin Holste   
L - M          Ms. Katie Owens                                                
N - Sh         Ms. Emanda Lenet                                             
Si - Z          Mr. Danny Skelton       

     College and Career Counselor: Mr. John Komosa

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