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Change from HYBRID (Cohort A/B) to VIRTUAL (Cohort C)     

-Please contact your child's school counselor to request this shift.   
-This shift can be processed immediately

Change from VIRTUAL (Cohort C) to HYBRID (Cohort A/B)   
-Please use the following link and fill out the form to request a shift from virtual to hybrid.
-Request windows and processing time frames will be outlined on the form.

Dulaney High School Return to In-Person Hybrid Learning form

Important Information During Distance Learning

As we continue to work together in a virtual environment, Dulaney would like to share information about our updated process for requesting assistance.


Visitors to Schools and Offices


The safety of our students and staff is our priority. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors to schools and offices are restricted. School and office staff will attempt to handle all business with visitors remotely. If business cannot be handled remotely, the visitor should schedule an appointment. If granted an appointment, visitors should adhere to the following guidelines:


·       Anyone experiencing the following symptoms on the day of their visit will be asked to reschedule:

o   New onset cough or shortness of breath

o   Loss of taste or smell

o   Fever, chills, fatigue, muscle aches

o   Congestion and/or sore throat

o   Nausea and/or diarrhea

·       The number of people granted permission to enter the school building will be limited to only those necessary for the approved visit.

·       All visitors must bring photo identification.

·       Upon entry into a school building, a suitable face covering, that covers the nose and mouth securely, must be worn at all times.

·       Visitors must maintain a distance of six (6) feet throughout the visit.

·       Individuals must register in the identified office upon entering the school building.

·       The expectation is that all visitors will leave the school building as soon as business is concluded.



Cohort Questions: Bonnie Hippler bhippler@bcps.org or 443-809-2154

Enrollments or Guidance Questions: Patricia McCormick pmccormick@bcps.org or 443-809-7635

Withdrawing a student to attend another school: Melissa Weyforth mweyforth@bcps.org or 443- 809-2174


Device Issues or Device swaps: Karla Glennon kglennon@bcps.org or 443-809-7633


Hybrid student early dismissal: Please email your early dismissal note to Ms. Amber Brant abrant@bcps.org if your student has to leave early on one of their in person days.


Hybrid student information: Forgotten items. If your student has forgotten something and you need to drop it off at the school, PLEASE CALL AHEAD. We will have a shelf in the lobby for your student to pick up their item after you text them to let them know you have dropped it off.


All other questions please call 443-809-7633