Window 2: Dates and Times

All Exams in taken during window 2 will be taken at home on the computer.

Window 2
12pm 4pm
Tues, May 18 Eng Lit and Comp Comp Sci A
Wed, May 19 US History
Euro History
Macro Econ
Thurs, May 20 US Gov and Pols
World Hist: Modern
12pm 4pm
Wed, May 26 English Language and Composition Computer Science Principles
Thurs, May 27 Biology Environmental Science
Fri, May 28 Human Geography Micro Econ
*Any exam set in window 2 may be taken in either window 2 or window 3 without any further changes being made. If a student does not access an exam during window 2, it will automatically move to window 3. If a student accesses an exam at all during window 2, he/she will not be able to take the exam during window 3.