Dulaney HS Materials Pickup Days

Dulaney HS Materials Pickup Days

Dear DHS Families,

One of our processes for preparing for this school is to distribute school materials you will need for your classes. BCPS has afforded us the days of Tuesday, September 8th through Friday, September 11th to complete this process for all grades. Our goal is to make this a one day pick up of materials for each grade level.

Please refer to the chart below regarding items that will be distributed:

 Textbooks Novels  Musical Instruments  Art Supplies  Science & Math Supplies   Return Library Books Other 

In order to protect yourself and our staff, please be sure to wear your face covering when you come to school. If you drive to the school, remain in your vehicle unless you are directed to exit. If you walk to school always stay at least six feet away from other persons. Please do not bring children or friends with you; leave children at home under the supervision of other family members, if possible. Finally, if you are ill or under isolation or quarantine because of your own illness or that of a close contact, please do not come to school. Please contact the school at 443-809-7633 to make alternative arrangements.


Also attached is a map to show the flow of traffic each day. There will be plenty of signage, but Drivers should NOT enter the bus loop as normal but instead proceed to the North East End of the parking lot by the practice fields (SEE MAP). Again, there will be staff and signage to help guide you through this process.

1st STATION – Check-In

-This first stop will be marked with a cone and a sign. We will have a staff person checking your name to expedite the process.

-If you can, please print the student’s first/last name in dark ink on a large piece of paper and place it on your car’s dashboard.

2nd STATION – Cafeteria patio area

-Band Instrument Pickup

3rd STATION –Front doors of school

-Pickup of Textbooks/Novels/other materials



· Remain in your car.

· If you are able to open your trunk without getting out of your car, our staff will place materials in the trunk. (preferred)

· If you are unable to open your trunk without getting out of your car, our staff will place materials on your back seat.

The distribution schedule is provided below. Please adhere to your assigned date and time frame. We understand that there may be mitigating circumstances like work or travel that may come into play so we will be flexible as best we can.

Date/Time/Grade Level:

Seniors: Tuesday, September 8th

Juniors: Wednesday, September 9th

Sophomores: Thursday, September 10th

Freshman: Friday, September 11th

Time: See Below   Name: By Alpha 
 3:00-3:30pm   A-C
 3:30-4:00pm  D-F
 4:00-4:30pm  G-I
 4:30-5:00pm   J-L
 5:00-5:30pm  M-O
 5:30-6:00pm  P-R
 6:00-6:30pm  S-V
 6:30-7:00pm  W-Z

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with this process.

We are truly looking forward to seeing you!

Sam Wynkoop


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