"This is a must see!  Invite your friends and join us for a free showing of the critically acclaimed movie “Screenagers”!! Designed to be viewed by parents/guardians and their teen/pre-teens together this is a great way to start a discussion at home about what it’s like growing up in the digital age and the effects it has on us.

Screenagers Part 1: Wed Feb 26 at 7pm at Dulaney High School

 Screenagers Part 2: Wed April 29 at 7pm at Dulaney High School

RSVP for the FREE February 26 showing of "Screenagers" here:

 RSVP for the FREE April 29 showing of "Screenagers: Next Chapter" here:  

 Both screenings are at the Dulaney High School Auditorium from 7pm - 8:45 pm with time for questions and discussion for those who would like to stay.  This is a community and social issue so we are welcoming viewers from our local Middle Schools, Houses of Worship and Scouting Troops so RSVP early because seats are filling up quickly!

 This event is designed for parents/guardians, teachers and children ages 10 and up to view together as a way to start a family, school and community conversation about the ways we use screens and their affect on all of us, particularly teens.