Welcome to Dulaney High School

Important Information During Distance Learning

As we continue to work together in a virtual environment, Dulaney would like to share information about our updated process for requesting assistance.

Technology issues: 

If you are experiencing some issues with your device, but it still works:

·      Please email dulaneytech@gmail.com or visit the virtual help desk during school hours.

·      Contact the Tech Help Desk during school hours.  https://meet.google.com/uvn-vzjg-cic

If your device is not working at all;

·      Call (443-809-7633) and leave a detailed message

·      Email bhippler@bcps.org and write a detailed message.

Staff will route your messages to appropriate support staff and will set up date and time with you to come to school to get assistance.

New Student Enrollments:

If you are coming to the area and need to enroll, email pmccormick@bcps.org

Student Withdrawals:

If you are leaving the area and need to withdraw, email mweyforth@bcps.org

BCPS Employee Visitation Form:

Any BCPS employee needing to visit the Dulaney High School campus must complete the DHS Visitation Form for BCPS Employees. To access the form, employees must be logged into Chrome w BCPS credentials.