Summer Update 2020

Students that were taking Geometry during the 19-20 school year now have access to the Summer Hike for Algebra 1 in addition to Geometry.  Completing the Algebra 1 Learning Hike will help to prepare students for Algebra 2 next school year.

BCPS is proud to offer students access to Summer Learning Hike – an optional summer learning opportunity. The digital tools can be accessed through BCPSOne and offer students the chance to review reading and math content from school year 2019-2020. Participation in the Summer Learning Hike is optional but encouraged.  No grade will be assigned to this work.  The digital resources are student directed and should not require parent support.  The lessons are designed to adjust based on your child’s results.  If the first few lessons seems too easy or too hard, please allow your child to work independently so that the Summer Learning Hike can adapt to the appropriate level.  This will allow your child  to meet with success.


If your child has questions or needs support, BCPS has also established LIVE support, Monday–Friday, provided by BCPS teachers.  This support can be accessed through established Google Meets rooms. Guidance for accessing the Google Meets rooms is linked on the Corona/Covid-19 portion of the BCPS website and under support in BCPSOne.