School Counseling

Welcome to the School Counseling office!

Please contact us directly at 443-809-7635. Our Secretary will be happy to assist you!

If your student is coming from outside the country, or may require ESOL services, please contact the ESOL Intake Center at 410-887-6752 before  enrolling your student.

Students may schedule appointments with their counselor by coming to the counseling office, completing a green appointment pass, and leaving it with the secretary. Then they will receive their pass with an assigned appointment date and time in their homeroom. The pass should be presented to their classroom teacher for approval before coming to guidance for the appointment. Students should check with their homeroom/first period teacher to see if a pass from guidance has been sent.

Guidance Secretary     Ms. McCormick 
Records Secretary        Ms. Weyforth      

Counselor Assignments

A - Da         Ms. Donna Fritz                                                  
De - He      Mr. John Komosa, Department Chair     
Hi - Me      Ms. Katie Owens                                                
Mi - Se       Ms. Emanda Lenet                                             
Sh - Z          Mr. Danny Skelton                                            

*CCR           Ms. Julie Wheeler                                               
*College and Career Readiness