Attendance Procedures and Policies

Daily Attendance

If your student is absent, sent a note explaining the absence upon returning so the occurrence is marked as excused when the note is given to the first period teacher.


Students are late if they are not in their first period class at 7:45 am. If your student is late to school he/she must sign in at the late desk or in the front office. Send a note explaining the lateness so it can be coded as excused if applicable. 

If a student receives four or more unexcused latenesses in one marking period, consequences will be incurred.

Early Dismissal

If your student needs to leave early for an appointment, please send in a note and have your student bring it to the office upon arrival to school. They will receive a pass to show the appropriate teacher when they need to leave. The student will then meet you outside.

Forgotten Items

We have a shelf in the office where you may leave any items forgotten at home by your student. These items are left at your own risk. We do not call students out of class to retrieve these items. Once left on the shelf, text your student and inform him/her that the forgotten item has been left on the shelf in the office.